Preact PWA


A `Super fast progressive web app` with a small footprint & minimal dependencies.

available at


  • Progressive Web App enabled with service workers
  • Offline capable with service workers
  • Mobile friendly with manifest.json
  • Universal JavaScript (isomorphic rendering)
  • Asset Versioning, long term caching, and cache busting for browser that do not support service workers via node-rev
  • Modern JavaScript syntax with ES6 via buble.
  • Performant bundles via rollup.
  • Component-based UI architecture via Preact.
  • Application state management w/time-travel debugging via Redux.
  • CSS built with Sass and optimized with purify-css .
  • Async actions handled with redux-thunk, fetch.
  • Node server is built with express.
  • Linting is handled with Standard.